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A Home of Ideas


I am a visual artist who works with a variety of media to create abstract paintings with heavy texture. 

My influences are everything i see, feel and experience. Art comes to me as a form of expression. It gives voice to my fears, my emotions and my wildest dreams. 

I was born and raised in Cyprus, at a city that revolves around its seaside position. As a result most of my paintings involve colours of the sea. Most of my paintings start by picking a single colour - blue - and then build upon that. When you look at the ocean, at first glance you may see only blue but if you descent the colours there are many more present. 

My paintings usually exclude any recognisable form. This is because I like to make people use their imagination and create their own stories around my work.  I do not want to unravel the mystery.

If you have made a painting and thats how you wanted it to be, hopefully it can speak for itself and whatever the viewers think, its the right message. I prefer to make viewers feel instead of think. 

As Edward Hopper once said: "If you could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint.”

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